The Filipino Fencer



Attending local fencing competitions or watching varsity and national athletes, one can see that the Filipino truly has a natural aptitude for the game. Physical characteristics that make us great boxers, basketball players, and even dancers, are abundant among Filipinos. We have the speed, athleticism, rhythm and grace, to name just a few, that a successful fencer needs to perform well.

We are rich in the mental qualities fencing requires as well. Fencing has been called “physical chess” for the strategic, tactical, and situational excellence required to win. The Philippines has produced many great chess grandmasters, often excelling at a very young age. More recently, we have witnessed the emergence of a cadre of highly successful international poker professionals who have come up from the local ranks. We have the brain game going for us also.

With solid programs and excellence in coaching, the Filipino can realistically shoot to be competitive at the World and International levels (we are consistent medalits at the SEA and ASEAN levels).

At Republic Fencing, we aim to profile this sport to young parents, so that they may not only try it out for their kids, but also train along side them. Here’s to a bright future for all.

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