This two-hour class is a fun-social opportunity for both your mind and body fitness. Learn the proper warm up exercises, footworks (advance, retreat, lunge), body conditioning, bladework and drills (attack, parry, riposte, etc.). You may apply them within the same day and practice with the other members! Equipment is provided for beginners.

Cost: Php 6,000.00 | 8 sessions (2 hours)


This one-on-one experience is a one-hour class designed to offer individually tailored coaching for all ability levels. You will gain maximum benefit as our instructors develop your lessons to meet your specific needs and goals. Much more intense compared to a group lesson. Let us know your most convenient schedule and we’ll make it happen for you.
Cost: Php 7,000.00 | 8 sessions (1 hour)


As a Republic Fencing member, you benefit from a range of third-party offers and services to assist you in your professional or non-professional fencing career. All levels entitle the member to attend “Open Practices or Group Lessons”. You must make use of your own gear.

Cost: Php2000 (1 month), Php5000 (6 months), Php9000 (12 months)

Inclusions and benefits:

  • Member kit: Republic Fencing T-shirt, car sticker and training towel per package, use of the facilities without ongoing class and free fixing of equipment.
  • The right to enter any competition as a condition of entry requires that competing clubs are affiliated to the Association.
  • The right for Members of the club to enter any competition which as a condition of entry requires that the individuals competing are Members of an Affiliated Club.






Republic Fencing & Sports Club, Basement 1, Makati Square, Don Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village,

Makati City.

For further details and inquiries, E-mail or Call/Text 09052492211.