Opening Day


The Republic Fencing Team – (L-R) Alex Ragot, Nick Galan, Aiza Marasigan, Kim Sia, Eric Brando II, Fritz Gutierrez and Louis Teves

After a significant amount of planning and building, it was with pride and excitement that we opened our permanent fencing hall at Makati Square. Apart from these positive emotions, we of course experienced a fair amount of apprehension, as starting a business is a risky thing. Fencing is, after all, not exactly a sport like MMA in terms of awareness and reach, and this is the first full-time, dedicated fencing salle in the country.

Well, after roughly two months, we couldn’t be happier with the response. We now have almost thirty full-time members, and more importantly, a growing group of eager young kids as young as 8 years old. It’s wonderful to see these young people eagerly hold a weapon for the first time and progress through the technical elements of their learning process.

Our salle is now a source of pride, and is becoming a place to hang out, train, and fence. We are excited about what the future will bring, and look forward to meeting more fencers and would-be fencers to hang out with us.

You are, of course, invited to come and say hello and give the salle a spin.

Till the next time, 

The Republic Fencing Team

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