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While most are aware of fencing, it’s a safe bet to say that at least here in the Philippines, it’s not a sport people clamor to get involved in. The sport carries an “elite” cachet, and folks can assume that it is quite expensive to play. It also doesn’t have the mass appeal of sports such as MMA or boxing, which enjoy critical mass in terms of gyms, coaches and competitions.

So we chose to promote our club by emphasizing the features of the sport that have little to do with swordplay itself. We emphasize fitness (it’s an amazing workout), the fact that it is great training for a young person’s body and mind (not to mention a less-competitive path to college scholarships), and the camaraderie that surrounds clubs of all sorts.

We use social media extensively with an aim at displaying the cool factor that is inherent in this sport. Doing things this way has piqued enough interest in a small cadre of interested novices, and even before opening our salle, we are now joined by just shy of 20 regular fencers training and learning twice a week.

Larger promotional efforts will of course follow, such as hosting tournaments and partnerships with companies that can extend our reach, but we’re satisfied so far with the way in which we’ve introduced ourselves.

Finally in the spirit of this blog post, do feel free to share this with anybody you think might find this sport interesting. Better yet, get in touch with us and give it a try.

Until the next time,

The Republic Fencing Team

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