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The Filipino Fencer

  Attending local fencing competitions or watching varsity and national athletes, one can see that the Filipino truly has a natural aptitude for the game. Physical characteristics that make us great boxers, basketball players, and even dancers, are abundant among Filipinos. We have the speed, athleticism, rhythm and grace, to […]

Marketing A Club

While most are aware of fencing, it’s a safe bet to say that at least here in the Philippines, it’s not a sport people clamor to get involved in. The sport carries an “elite” cachet, and folks can assume that it is quite expensive to play. It also doesn’t have […]

A Club From Scratch

Republic Fencing is a fledgeling fencing club, offering instructional programs in foil, epee and sabre in Metro Manila, the Philippines. Now there’s nothing particularly interesting about this, as there are a number of clubs and qualified coaches available to instruct folks of any age in the Metro. What’s a little […]