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Introduction The sport of fencing is a historic European martial arts formulated to challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents.  It is a prestigious and modern combative sport based on tradition.  In the early 1400s, fencing began the move from a form of military training to a sport.  Both […]

Congratulations to everyone who joined the tournament yesterday! Over 197 fencers from different schools! We would like to thank Ate Sally Arambulo and the whole DT team,, RedBull PH, Baicapture and Viscous Braniac Fencing for making this event possible! and to the Z Fencing Team who flew from Singapore just to […]

  Attending local fencing competitions or watching varsity and national athletes, one can see that the Filipino truly has a natural aptitude for the game. Physical characteristics that make us great boxers, basketball players, and even dancers, are abundant among Filipinos. We have the speed, athleticism, rhythm and grace, to […]

While most are aware of fencing, it’s a safe bet to say that at least here in the Philippines, it’s not a sport people clamor to get involved in. The sport carries an “elite” cachet, and folks can assume that it is quite expensive to play. It also doesn’t have […]