About Us

Our Vision

We envision the club to become globally recognised in the sport of fencing by successfully producing world class fencers through a perfect combination of hard work, dedication, and proper values. We want our students to grow and think like champions inside and outside the piste, and learn the golden value of sportsmanship.

Our Mission

Republic Fencing’s foundational mission is to begin a true fencing club system in the Philippines and to help those who are financially unstable and incapable of competing outside the country.


Beginners can access equipment so that they can ease into the sport without incurring the expenses of equipment and other training necessities. Veterans will have more rigorous coaching.

Members can experience that “club” atmosphere where you can come in anytime of the day and fence. Above all, Republic Fencing will be a champion of the sport and contributing member of the Philippine fencing community.

Founder’s Message

We founded Republic Fencing Club with a singular goal: to begin a true club system in the Philippines for the sport of fencing. The Philippines has a strong school-driven fencing ecosystem. Most major schools develop teams, hire coaches, and nurture athletes. On a national level, the Olympic Committee and the Philippine Fencing Association provide support for athletes looking to play at the national level as well as for the development of coaches.

What we lack however is a club system that can absorb the thousands of fencers who do not enter the national sporting environment after college. Although there are a number of clubs managed by very capable coaches, they are often transient (subleasing time in multipurpose venues) and inadequately equipped and funded.

Republic Fencing seeks to change that via investment in and the development of permanent locations staffed by credentialled and qualified coaching staff. In this way, fencers wishing to continue in the sport but not able to play at the national level can find a home.

We also seek to further popularize a beautiful game that deserves to see broader popularity in our country of talented athletes who can excel at combative sports.

Fencing is a game that develops intelligence, athleticism, honour, discipline and fitness. It is a game that can be played in our old age. It is a game we love, and we wish to be able to share it with as many people as are interested.  – Nicholas Marco Galan, Co-founder/Chairman

Who can join?

All levels are welcome! Republic Fencing and Sports Club, Inc. comprises a group of fencing enthusiasts from all over the country. We offer group classes, open recreation, and individual lessons for novice and experienced athletes, age 7 to adult. Fencing is a great exercise for the body and mind. What’s better than getting fit by swinging a sword in Olympic fashion? Join Us!


Where is the club?

The club operates in Republic Fencing & Sports Club, Basement 1, Makati Square, Don Chino Roces Avenue, Legazpi Village, Makati City.

What should I wear?

Come in athletic clothing that allows you to move easily. Any light athletic shoe will be fine, but the lighter the sole the better.  Bring face towel, extra shirt and your own water tumbler or jug.

Does it hurt?

Though it may look dangerous, fencing is one of the safest sport. A smaller percentage of fencers were injured in the 2008 summer Olympics than the percentage of winter 2010 curlers. Fencing blades are surprisingly bendy, and a lot of the force is absorbed by the blade’s flexibility.

What about the equipment?

For beginners, we have all the gears you will need such as, fencing mask, jacket, and swords. Those who already own gear can bring it and store it in the club armory. However, after one semester you will probably want to buy your own gear.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more, check out and join fencing.ph forum.  Questions about the club can be e-mailed to admin@republicfencing.com